Ferrari Opus Focus Stilus Leather Handle Fire Tool Set


The Ferrari Opus Focus Stilus fire tool set are four beautifully crafted fire tools that put design and aesthetic appeal and the forefront. The Stilus is a collection of four tools, a shovel, brush, poker and tongs each of which feature looping leather handles making them ideal for hanging. 620mm long and available in eight leather colours.

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Tools to live by

The Stilus set is a set of high quality fireside tools brought to you by the world renowned Ferrari Opus Focus group.

It features a firepoker, brush, ash pan and tongs, made of stainless steel with distinctive leather handles, each of which is as functional as it is beautiful. There is no substitute when it comes to controlling your fire experience, and these ergonomically designed, dedicated tools will ensure safety and efficiency, and will look good doing it.




A splash of colour

The Stilus set is available in one of eight eye-catching colours, choose your favourite to match your interior.

Ferrari Opus Focus are an Italian company that have become synonymous with artful design and high quality, check out some of their other essential fireside pieces using the link below.


Opus Focus or Ferrari Opus Focus to use their full name have been creating fire tools and fireside accessories for over 60 years! Based just North of Treviso in Northern Italy, Opus Focus use their own unique designs to create more than fire tools, they create functional pieces of fireside art.

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