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Fire has fascinated people since the dawn of time; when we see that flickering light and hear its familiar crackle we feel at home, in touch with nature and the great outdoors. It is a simple pleasure that stirs something deep inside us, engaging instincts from our primordial past. Nowadays there are so many ways to safely bring fire in from the cold and warm our homes and hearts. As you may have guessed, we love fire at Fireplace Products (the clue is in the name) and we are deeply passionate about helping our customers find the perfect fire for them.


To help narrow your search down we have developed our Fire Finder tool. This handy search function will allow you to search for key features and then returns a list of products that meet your requirements. This can be particularly useful when you realise how many different kinds of fires there are now available. You can choose a gas fire to place into your fireplace, or perhaps an electric fire to hang on the wall. Maybe you would like to make a bold statement and install a wood fire suspended from the ceiling? We also have fires with more than one face, double sided fires to create a tunnel between two rooms, corner fires for both internal and external corners, three sided fires that can act as a room divider or a peninsular and finally four sided or central fires for that WOW affect. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that our range of fires has it all.


When it comes to styles of fires we have a large selection or both hearth mounted fires and wall mounted fires in all fuel types. We also have a number of freestanding fires for the centre of a room or against a flat wall, cassette fires and built-in fires if you are looking for something with minimal impact on the room. We also offer a selection of drop-in fires that can be fitted into worktops or sideboards as well as suspended fires that hang from the ceiling. Unlike stoves, fires are available with different flue options, choose between conventional flued, balanced flued, power flued and flueless fires depending upon your requirements. As with all of our products we have a selection of both traditional classic designs for a period fireplace, or perhaps something a little bit more modern with one of our contemporary fires.


We have years of sales experience and therefore have developed long standing relationships with some of the industry's top manufacturers and brands including;  Bellfire, Burley, Celsi, EkoFires, Flamerite, Flamewave, Gazco, JC Bordelet, Planika, Riva, Traforart, Valor and Verine to name a few. We are always looking for the next innovation on fires, so we often attend exhibitions and shows around the world that demonstrate what is next for fires. This allows us to speak to with both industry leading brand names as well as sourcing new companies that have never been sold into the UK before, improving our product portfolio and following up on our promise to offer you a greater choice than our competitors.


Lots of people ask us to explain the difference between a fire and a stove. This can be a tricky question as it often depends on the style and fuel you are burning. We look at it like this: with a wood and multifuel product the differences are that a stove has a door that can be shut, often with a glass panel and air controls to modulate the burn. A wood or multifuel fire on the other hand is open fronted, with little to no air regulation. Typically stoves are used more for heating as they are more efficient, and fires are more for effect, as a lot of heat is lost up the chimney. Both Stoves and fires can come as a freestanding, inset, cassette, built-in, wall mounted or suspended.


Gas & Electric Stoves tend to look like freestanding woodburners, we would consider these stoves, however, a cassette, built-in or wall mounted gas or electric product would be a fire and not a stove, even if it is a gas version of a solid fuel stove. We would consider this to be a fire as its styling looks more like a fire than a stove. With Bio Fires, there are a wide and vast variety available, again applying the logic above to bio fires, they tend to be more for decorative purposes rather than for space heating and often are open fronted. There are a small amount of bio fires that are styled similar to stoves, but to keep things easy and in one place we have classified all bio fires as fires. We appreciate this is a rather convoluted thing to understand, if you are still unsure about anything please contact our sales team and we will endeavour to guide you through it so you can find the product you are looking for.

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