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Our Fireside Range...

We love fireside products at Fireplace Products, which is why we are always updating our range and sourcing new fireside products from around the world. We are always looking to bring you new ideas, and exclusive products for use in and around your fireplace, fire or stove. Currently we have more than 1,500 fireside accessories including log stores, fire tools, fire guards, fenders and more.


Our range is extensive. For example, you might think that there are only one type of logstore, but there are outside log stores for holding your main store of logs and an indoor store for holding a small amount of logs for your next burn. Depending upon the size of that store you may need a bag or carriers to move logs from outside inside, then there is the kindling and matches. You could keep these in with your logs or you could get a neat little tidy for these.


The same goes for fire tools. You can buy them together, known as a companion set, available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Most include four tools, but some have three or five. Hearth tidy sets are a two tool set with a brush and pan - great for little mishaps on the hearth. You can also buy tools individually and there are more than 10 different individual tools available, including pokers, rollers, shovels, brushes, tongs, scissors, brooms, scrapers, gloves and bellows.


We also have a wide selection of fireguards available in single flat panels, folding panels for placing around an object in three, four or five sided models. There are also shaped fireguards that have a pre-made form; great for fitting around fireplace openings and those that have tops on them stop hands getting in and sparks jumping out.


Next, there are the child guards and gates that sit around a freestanding stove or fire and help keep children and pets away from the hot surfaces. Glass firescreens are the latest innovation to fireguards offering un compromising views of the flames with a choice of flat or curved sheets of glass that sit in front of your fire or stove.


Hearth fenders offer a decorative edge to hearths and help protect children from sharp corners protruding from stone hearths, they also give a very decorative and definitive finish to the fireplace. As well as all of this we have a selection of cookware and barbecue grills that can be used with both indoor and outdoor fires, candles and lanterns for use on the hearth or out in the garden.


Firedogs are for open fires and fire wings are for placing inside a firebox. There are draught excluders that can be placed inside an unused chimney to prevent draughts escaping from the room, and stove fans to help push rising heat out into the room. When it comes to fireside accessories we have more products than you could shake a poker at!


It seems that more and more companies and manufacturers are investing in producing quality fireside accessories to accompany your fireplace, stove or fire. We have also sourced products from various independent designers and design companies the world over, including Casper Storm, Conmoto, Ferrari Opus Focus, Peter Maly, Pilgrim and Torben Madsen. These renowned designers have used their talents to craft some beautiful pieces of functional fireside art. Using high quality materials, these fireside accessories are among the best money can buy and represent a serious commitment to ensuring quality doesn’t stop with the fire.


Looking for a gift ideas? Fireside accessories make great Christmas, birthday or occasional presents and with more than 100 items available for less than £20, you don’t need to spend a lot to give a lot. So if you know someone passionate about getting the most from their wood, take a look at one of our moisture meters or log carriers. If your partner is always playing with the fire and making a mess, consider a hearth tidy set or an ash caddy. Maybe your loved one is known for burning holes in their carpet from sparks jumping out of the open fire, if so, consider a fireguard or firescreen. Whoever you are buying for, whatever need they have we are sure to have a fireside accessory that will make using their fire or stove easier and more enjoyable.

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