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Burning wood and other solid fuels produce lovely flames and wonderful heat, but they can leave harmful deposits or tar and creosote on the inside of your chimney, which can be the major causes of chimney fires. Burning a Gardeco chimney cleaning log will release a mixture special minerals up with the wood smoke and coat the creosote with special additives. As you continue to burn and use your appliance over the next two week period a chemical reaction will take place and start to eat away and loosen the creosote making it brittle and likely to flake away. After the two week period it is recommended to assist the cleaning process with a mechanical clean using chimney sweeping rods, or calling on a qualified chimney sweep, this will remove any lose creosote and tar from your chimney and leave it in the best possible condition.

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Gardeco Outdoor Firepits and Chimeneas

Gardeco are a specialist importer of chimeneas, firepits and other real fire products. They aim to provide customers with a wide and varied selection of products for the home and garden. Along with a variety of materials including clay, steel and cast-iron. Gardeco now offer a brand new material called chimalin, a breakthrough fireproof clay material.

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