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Gardeco Padded Chimenea Raincover - A 'must' accessory for all chimeneas. Clay chimeneas can crack is they become too wet or if it freezes when they are wet and cast iron chimeneas will rust. So the use of the Gardeco cover will prevent the chimenea from getting wet, and therefore protect them from rain or frost or damage.

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Cast iron or steel chimeneas will rust if left outside all year. Help prevent rusting by covering them when not in use. Gardeco Winter Coats are padded covers like an anorak, with two waterproof outer layers and a cotton infill. They are designed to stop chimeneas from freezing if left outside in the winter and, as with all Gardeco covers are supplied with strong brass eyelets and tie-string. Practical and long-lasting.

Available in several sizes and styles to suit various Gardeco Chimeneas.

Padded Winter Coat Covers - Medium Dimensions: 
Total Height - 995mm 
Chimney Height - 420mm 
Chimney Diameter - 226mm 
Bowl Diameter - 456mm 
Suitable for use with - Ohio Mediums / Toledo Mediums / Granada 85 & 105 / Viento Large / Azteca Large / Plumas Large / Colima Large / Grapes Large / Olas / Canterra Large / Rosas Large / Diamante Large 

Padded Winter Coat Covers - Large Dimensions: 
Total Height - 1350mm 
Chimney Height - 640mm 
Chimney Diameter - 306mm 
Bowl Diameter - 565mm 
Suitable for use with - All Elements Medium & Large / Ohio Large / Toledo Large / Granada 124 / Tia / Zeta / Opera / Azteca Extra-Large/ Plumas Extra-Large/ Colima Extra-Large/ Grapes Extra-Large/ Canterra Extra-Large/ Rosas Extra-Large 

Padded Winter Coat Covers – XL Ellipse (Only suitable for the XL Ellipse Chimeneas) 


Gardeco Outdoor Firepits and Chimeneas

Gardeco are a specialist importer of chimeneas, firepits and other real fire products. They aim to provide customers with a wide and varied selection of products for the home and garden. Along with a variety of materials including clay, steel and cast-iron. Gardeco now offer a brand new material called chimalin, a breakthrough fireproof clay material.

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