Gardeco Wyre Forest Charcoal - 5KG Bag


Gardeco Wyre Forest charcoal is virtually smokeless, fast lighting and ideal for barbecuing and outdoor cooking. It produces intense heat for fast cooking while preserving flavours and is easy to control. The Wyre Forest, one of the oldest natural forests in England, on the borders of Worcestershire and Shropshire has a long history of charcoal making.

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Charcoal has been used to smelt iron ore since 500 B.C. in the UK. Charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of enough air for complete combustion. The water contained in the wood evaporates, followed by other volatile compounds leaving a residue of solid black charcoal. The best quality charcoal retains the shape and grain of the wood. Charcoal as a fuel gives a more intense heat than can be achieved by any other fuel, even coal. A fire with charcoal is almost smokeless and easy to control. Charcoal makers in the UK care for their forests. They are not responsible for the de-forestation, because all the wood they harvest is re-planted.

Gardeco Outdoor Firepits and Chimeneas

Gardeco are a specialist importer of chimeneas, firepits and other real fire products. They aim to provide customers with a wide and varied selection of products for the home and garden. Along with a variety of materials including clay, steel and cast-iron. Gardeco now offer a brand new material called chimalin, a breakthrough fireproof clay material.

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