Gazco Balanced Flue Pipe - Top Exit Vertical Kit


The Gazco top exit up vertical balanced flue kits are suitable for Gazco, Yeoman and Dovre products. The balanced flue pipe is made from two concentric pipes, the inner is 100mm in diameter and brings fresh air in from outside. The outer pipe is 150mm in diameter and removes the combustion gasses. There are several options available to suit different stoves are fires, read down for a breakdown of which kit suits each product:

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There are several types of top exit vertical kits available from Gazco. These kits include have a vertical length of pipe rising up before bending 90° and travelling horizontally through the wall and terminating outside. The list below shows which components are included with each kit, and beneath that are a list of stoves and fires which are compatible with those kits. We do not suggest using one of these flue kits with any other stove or fire, other than those listed below:

2x 1000mm straight lengths, 1x 1000mm terminal length (8524, 8524AN, 999-301) 
2x 1000mm straight lengths, 1x 1000mm terminal length (999-539, 999-539AN, 999-224) 

The 8524, 8524AN and 999-301 top exit up and out kits are compatible with the following models: 
- Gazco Ashdon 
- Gazco Clarendon Medium (discontinued) 
- Gazco Marlborough Medium
- Gazco Manhattan (all sizes) 
- Gazco Stockton Small
- Gazco Stockton Medium
- Gazco Riva 53 (discontinued)
- Gazco Riva 67 (discontinued)
- Gazco Riva F40 Avanti (discontinued)
- Gazco Riva F67 (discontinued)
- Gazco Riva Nemos (discontinued)
- Gazco Riva Vision Small
- Gazco Riva Vision Midi
- Gazco Riva Vision Large
- Gazco Riva2 800 Cassette
- Gazco Riva2 1050 Cassette
- Gazco Studio 1 (all versions)
- Gazco Studio 2 (all versions)
- Gazco Studio 22
- Gazco Vogue Midi
- Dovre 280 
- Dovre 425 
- Yeoman CL 5 (all versions)
- Yeoman CL 8
- Yeoman Dartmoor
- Yeoman Exe
- Yeoman Exmoor

The 999-539, 999-539AN and 999-224 top exit up and out kits are compatible with the following models: 
- Gazco Huntingdon 30
- Gazco Huntingdon 40
- Gazco Stockton 5
- Gazco Riva Vision Midi
- Gazco Riva Vision Medium
- Gazco Riva2 670
- Yeoman CL 5 (all versions)
- Yeoman CL 8
- Yeoman Exe

When you choose one of Gazcos extensive fires or stoves, you can be sure that you are buying a quality and innovative product packed full of modern technology. From traditional models to contemporary designs, Gazco is committed to creating the ultimate flame-effect gas and electric fires and stoves.

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