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Heat retention is a one of the most important properties of stoves, how long they can hold onto the heat they produce and radiate it out into the surrounding space is crucial. Very few materials can withstand the intense heat of a roaring fire, and even fewer can absorb such heat, retain it and project it out over the subsequent hours. Typically, steel transmits heat readily, cast iron holds onto heat and radiates over a longer period, but best of all is natural stone.

Natural stone can be used in two ways: natural stone bricks can be placed inside the casing of the stove body, surrounding the fire box and minimalizing the amount of internal air for unbeatable efficiency. External cladding does much the same thing, but provides an aesthetic natural edge, so depending on whether you prefer the sleek look of a metal or the rustic charm of natural stone but still want the retentive properties stone provides, you can choose between external or internal cladding. 

Many stoves offer partial cladding, for instance a simple natural stone top plate that can serve as a convenient platform to keep your cuppa at just the right temperature. If you're having trouble locating the perfect stove, try using our comprehensive Stove Finder tool above to ease the process.

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