Hotspot Brick & Stone Sealer 500ml Bottle


Manor's Brick and Stone Sealer is a solvent based combination of resins, oils and special compounds formulated for sealing and protecting natural brick and stone. This sealer, once applied will protect your natural stone and allows it to breathe. Brick and Stone sealer will make the surface strongly repellent to oil, water, dirt and dust. Food and drink spillages can be easily removed as they remain on the surface and not absorbed into the stone. Manor's Brick and Stone Sealer will enhance the natural beauty of the brick and stone, it will slightly deepen the natural colour. Sold in a 500ml bottle.

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Directions for use:
- Ensure surface to be treated is cool,
- Remove screens, fixtures etc and protect floors and carpets,
- Working area to be well ventilated,
- Wear protective gloves,
- Apply by brush or lint free cloth, application by brush may cause streaking,
- For greater protection (outdoor use) apply 2/3 applications.

Note: It is recommended that a small area is tested for suitability prior to complete application. Not suitable for reconstituted stone.

Hotspot are the UK's leading brand of stove and fireplace maintenance and service products. All of Hotspot's products are British made and their range covers a multitude of different applications. So if you're looking for stove and grate paints, polishes for marble or glass cleaners Hotspot have a product for that. Hotspot products can help you with clean, seal and seal brick and natural stone.

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