Hotspot Individual PH Smoke Pellets


Smoke Pellets have been manufactured in the UK since the late 1960s and today they are still made using the same ingredients and methods under strict ISO 9001:2008 processes. Hotspot PH Smoke Pellets generate predictable smoke patterns to determine air flow & direction of flow. Simply place one onto a fireproof base and ignite the edge with a match taking care not to inhale the smoke produced. Once burnt dispose of spent pellet safely. Ensure that any spare pellets are keep out of reach of children as they are harmful if swallowed. Make sure to keep smoke pellets away from food, drink and pets, as well as sources of ignition. Sold individually.

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Hotspot are the UK's leading brand of stove and fireplace maintenance and service products. All of Hotspot's products are British made and their range covers a multitude of different applications. So if you're looking for stove and grate paints, polishes for marble or glass cleaners Hotspot have a product for that. Hotspot products can help you with clean, seal and seal brick and natural stone.

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