Hotspot Sorcerer Chimney Cleaner 90g Sachet


Sorcerer chimney cleaner improves the efficiency of your fire by gradually reducing the hard coatings of tar and creosote that build up in the chimney flue thereby improving combustion by keeping them cleaner. However, regular sweeping and inspection are essential. It is very important to get the chimney/flue swept either just before or soon after you start to use Sorcerer to ensure free flow of gases and fumes. If used on a regular maintenance basis, Sorcerer will gradually restore chimney flue aperture and reduce the need for sweeping. Inspect regularly and get chimneys flue swept if in doubt. If no improvement is detected, increase the dosing or frequency. Sold in a 90g sachet.

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Directions for use: 
- For peak effectiveness use on low fire and with ashtray emptied. With the fire lit but almost burnt out, using suitable tongs carefully place the entire Sorcerer packet in the centre of the fire, 
- After the Sorcerer has caught fire, to accelerate the action, close the fire damper and close the stove door and/or place a fireproof metal sheet across the fire opening, 
- Let the fire burn out and dispose of cooled ash in normal way, 
- Use 2 sachets for larger fires or boilers over 65,000 BTU’s or where chimney flue area is abnormally large and dirty. 

Note - Do not use on gas or electric fires. Sorcerer works by rising on the gases created when burning. Normal sweeping will not remove or dislodge accumulated tar and creosote build-up in the chimney flue. On contact with deposits in the chimney flue, Sorcerer reacts to produce granules that can be dislodged during normal operation and are also more easily removed when sweeping. The loosened deposits can cause chimney flue blockage, especially if Sorcerer is used excessively on a very dirty, poorly maintained system.

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