Hotspot Stove & Grate Polish 170g Tin


Hotspot stove and grate polish is a water based polish that covers minor scratches and rust marks. Once applied it leaves a lustrous black finish that does not rub off when dry. It works due to microscopic colour pigments in the polish that bond with the stove surface to hide minor blemishes and improve the overall appearance. To use it ensure that the stove or grate is cold first and using a damp cloth apply a thin even coat of polish. Allow this to dry then polish off with a soft cloth or brush. After use, to prevent drying add a few drops of water to the tin and close the lid. Sold in a 170g tin.

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Hotspot are the UK's leading brand of stove and fireplace maintenance and service products. All of Hotspot's products are British made and their range covers a multitude of different applications. So if you're looking for stove and grate paints, polishes for marble or glass cleaners Hotspot have a product for that. Hotspot products can help you with clean, seal and seal brick and natural stone.

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