HTS 150mm (6") Twinwall 30 Bend


The Midtherm HTS 150mm (6") Twinwall 30° Bend is a bend of twinwall pipe that can be used to offset around an obstruction, or to move the centre line of the flue system to one side. You can also place a straight length of pipe between the bends to increase the offset if required. The internal diameter of this bend is 150mm and the outside diameter is 200mm. It is available in a choice of stainless steel or painted black finishes. HTS is a Class 1. Twinwall chimney product manufactured by Midtherm Flue Systems right here in the UK and is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications. HTS can be used with a variety of different fuels including gas, oil, wood and multifuel installations where appliances burn with flue gas temperatures of up to 450°C under continuous firing.

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Midtherm are a family run British company that have been manufacturing for over 45 years. Founded by Ray Andrews in 1970, Midtherm has steadily grown over the years into one of the leading chimney manufacturers in the industry. The HTS range is the culmination of years of design and development work, and is a firm favourite within the heating industry.

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