Rais Tetra Wall Mounted Companion Set


The Rais Tetra wall mounted companion set has an open box frame which attaches directly to the wall and suspends its tools from the top. The Rais Tetra wall mounted companion set has smooth cylindrical handles and includes three tools, a shovel, brush and poker. The set is 530mm high and is available in black.

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Fire tool sets or companion sets have been used with fireplaces and stoves the world over and unlike individual tools, companion sets are sold as a set featuring the same design details on all of the handles. Companion sets also include a stand that holds/hangs the fire tools keeping them together so you don’t lose one. The Rais Tetra Wall Mounted companion set is 530mm high, the frame and fire tools are black with stainless steel handles.

Rais Tetra Wall Mounted Companion Set - Black & Stainless Steel

Rais stoves are first and foremost environmentally-friendly fires, featuring extremely efficient combustion, even at low burning rates. Rais A/S dawned a new era when they were acquired by Attika in 1990 and since then the driving force behind their success has been through constant development and quality without compromise.

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