Riva 40 Cast Iron Smokeless Fuel Reducing Kit


The Riva 40 Cast Iron Smokeless Fuel Reducing Kit is ideal for those to plan to burn mainly smokeless fuels. We would recommend you consider the optional reducing kit.

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By placing the Riva 40 Cast Iron smokeless fuel reducing kit into the base of the firebox, you will decrease the amount of fuel you need to load and allow the fuel and cinders to fall towards the grate for improved combustion. However you may still burn logs with equal efficiency. Suitable for the Riva 40 cassette model.

Riva Stoves by Stovax epitomise stove technology to the very pinnacle of performance and design and have done for the past 30 years. Expertly crafted to incorporate both traditional and contemporary designs, the external looks of the Riva range complement their ease of operation.

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