Riva Studio 1/2 Freestanding 1.8m Square Decorative Flue Cover


This is a decorative section of flue cover to suit the Freestanding Riva Studio 1 or 2 Stoves. This product sits over the top of the flue pipe and is a decorative item, it does not replace the flue pipe.

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You can cut any of the decorative flue covers to the exact required size required for your installation, or join two or more lengths together if you have a large chimney run. This products is only suitable for use around single wall pipe, it is not large enough to enclose double insulated twinwall pipe. Although this product is designed for use with the Riva Studio 1 or 2 Stove, it will work with any stove with a 125mm or 150mm flue outlet that has a flat top. The total length of the cover is 1.8m long and it is open on the back side, meaning it can be retro fitted around flue pipe after it has been installed.

Riva Stoves by Stovax epitomise stove technology to the very pinnacle of performance and design and have done for the past 30 years. Expertly crafted to incorporate both traditional and contemporary designs, the external looks of the Riva range complement their ease of operation.

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