Stovax 4241 Urn Top Companion Set


The Stovax 4241 Urn Top companion set has a circular base with a vertical stand that the fire tools suspend from. The Stovax 4241 Urn Top companion set features miniature urn details atop the included four tools, a shovel, brush, poker and coal tongs. Available in brass the Urn Top is available in two sizes.

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Fire tool sets or companion sets have been used with fireplaces and stoves the world over and unlike individual tools, companion sets are sold as a set featuring the same design details on all of the handles. Companion sets also include a stand that holds/hangs the fire tools keeping them together so you don’t lose one. The Stovax 4241 Urn Top companion set is available in an all brass effect finish in two sizes.

Stovax 4241 Urn Top Companion Set - 450mm High
Stovax 4242 Urn Top Companion Set - 520mm High

Established in 1981 Stovax was setup to design, manufacture and distribute stoves, fireplaces and accessories across the UK and Ireland. Based in Exeter, in 1988 the decision to incorporate gas and electric models into the range and to build them onsite in the heart of Devon was taken. Gazco was born. Today the two companies work side by side and have expanded their product portfolio ten-fold.

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