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Stovax Uni rods are an ideal solution for sweeping lined and twin-walled chimney systems. Stovax offer two types of chimney cleaning rods, and attachments to suit them. Uni rods must always be rotated clockwise when being used to avoid disconnection of the brush/adaptors whilst in the chimney. These flexible nylon rods are capable of navigating around the tightest of 45 degree and 90 degree bends with ease. Each rod has a solid brass fitting at each end with the appropriate uni rods connection ready for the next rod or brush, which ensures a tight connection to each rod with smooth edges to therefore removing any risk of damage to the chimney liner. Uni rods are 915mm long (36") and they are sold individually.

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Established in 1981 Stovax was setup to design, manufacture and distribute stoves, fireplaces and accessories across the UK and Ireland. Based in Exeter, in 1988 the decision to incorporate gas and electric models into the range and to build them onsite in the heart of Devon was taken. Gazco was born. Today the two companies work side by side and have expanded their product portfolio ten-fold.

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