Stovax Flue & Chimney Protector 1KG Powder


Stovax flue and chimney protector stops and removes tar/creosote build-up inside your chimney, reducing the risk of chimney fires, arrests chimney corrosion and maintains clean heating surfaces for maximum efficiency. Stovax flue and chimney protector works by rising into the chimney on the flue gases. On contact, it reacts with the acids in the tar/creosote deposits and fluidises them. Absorbents in flue and chimney protector then soak up these fluids, producing a shrivelling or dying action, which weakens the bonding to the chimney surfaces. These deposits eventually fall back down the chimney or are removed more easily by sweeping. Sold in a 1KG tub.

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It is advisable to arrange for the chimney to be swept prior to commencing flue & chimney treatment. Thsi product should be used on a regular maintenance basis. It should reduce the frequency of the chimney sweeping needed, however regular sweeping is still essential. Chimneys should be inspected once or twice a year to ensure clean and safe conditions. Stovax Flue & Chimney Protector 1KG Powder can be used in all wood stoves, open fireplaces and solid fuel equipment. It is suitable for use with any type of flue, including those lined with stainless steel flexible liners, as it is non-corrosive. 

Directions for use: 
- Remove excess ashes or cinders, 
- Sprinkle 2 scoops onto a low fire twice per week (effectiveness drops when applied to high burning fires) and allow up to 1hour to burn powder fully. 
- If no evidence of improvement is noticed, increase dosage frequency. 
- Use double dosage for fires over 75,000BTU (20kW) in wood/solid fuel cookers/boilers or if chimney area is abnormally large. 

Note: Loosened creosote can cause chimney blockage if initial deposits are heavy or if initial dosage/dosages frequency is excessive. Some settlement of contents may occur during transit.

Established in 1981 Stovax was setup to design, manufacture and distribute stoves, fireplaces and accessories across the UK and Ireland. Based in Exeter, in 1988 the decision to incorporate gas and electric models into the range and to build them onsite in the heart of Devon was taken. Gazco was born. Today the two companies work side by side and have expanded their product portfolio ten-fold.

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