Stove Bright Emerald Green Heat Resistant Paint 400ml Spray


Paint will fade over time, and using your stove will bake the paint more and more adding to the fade. This is a very gradual process and not something that you will notice obviously like the sun fading an old photograph. The Stove Bright Emerald Green Heat Resistant Paint comes in a 400ml aerosol can, and is a perfect for touching up any stove. Many manufactures use the Stove Bright colour range, so if the stove you have is listed as available in an Emerald Green colour, then this paint should match it. Designed as a generic paint, you can use the Stove Bright Emerald Green paint on any stove or fire. To give any indication of the colour the main image background is a representation of this colour. This paint is designed for metal and can withstand temperatures up to 600-650°C.

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