Termatech Open Box Companion Set


The Termatech Open Box is a set of three fire tools each with a smooth cylindrical handle detail suspended from the top of an open box. The Termatech Open Box companion set includes three tools, a shovel, brush and poker. The set is 460mm high and is available in two colours.

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Fire tool sets or companion sets have been used with fireplaces and stoves the world over and unlike individual tools, companion sets are sold as a set featuring the same design details on all of the handles. Companion sets also include a stand that holds/hangs the fire tools keeping them together so you don’t lose one. The Termatech Open Box companion set is 460mm high and is available in a choice of two colours.

Termatech Open Box Companion Set - Black Stand, Black Tools with Silver Handles
Termatech Open Box Companion Set - Grey Stand, Grey Tools with Silver Handles

When Termatech design their stoves they are built around three design principals. Quality: making sure that quality materials are used is of paramount in important, a stove that is built to last is right at the heart of Termatech's philosophy.

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