Vitcas Heat Resistant Fireplace Render 20KG Bucket


Providing a protective rendering for fireplace materials that can be damaged by exposure to a fires heat, Vitcas 20KG Fireplace Render is a fine cement-like material which will withstand temperatures of up to 1400°C (2552°F). Fully blended with a maximum aggregate size of 5mm, this product needs only water and to be mixed to a trowelling consistency. Vitcas have been manufacturing their high quality heat resistant products in Bristol since 1882. Using tried and tested traditional formulations and tweaking them with the latest technology, Vitcas are specialists in high temperature applications. A 10kg tub of Vitcas 20KG Fireplace Render will cover approximately 0.35m² (3.8ft²) at a thickness of 25mm (1").

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Application: If applying to new brickwork and surface, ensure the backing material is fully first. On older surfaces, mortar joints should be raked out to provide maximum keying, to the depth of 12mm, and the brick or stonework roughened where necessary and dampened. Clear away any rubble and use clean tools to mix the Vitcas Fireplace Render with cold water to a stiff trowelling consistency.

it is recommended that the thickness of the render is 12mm thick on the surrounding walls and back of a recess for a stove. For open fires, 25mm thickness is recommended and this can be applied in one layer or in several as required. For inset or cassette stoves, where the render will be applied on the face of a chimney breast, the render should act as a base coat for the Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster finish coat, and the thickness should be adjusted to suit the finish layer of 3-6mm. For best results and to prevent the render failing, pre-heat the render to remove all excess moisture. This can be done with an electric heater or cardboard and paper fire in the grate for a few hours before.

Disclaimer: Always read the instructions thoroughly before applying and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Vitcas specialise in producing a huge range of refractory stone, ceramic fibre, heat resistant products, high temperature insulation material, paints, glues and cleaners.

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