Yeoman Dartmoor Decorative Flue Collar


The Yeoman Dartmoor Decorative Flue Collar can be used with either the Yeoman Dartmoor balanced flue or conventional gas stove when you flue out the top of the stove.

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The Yeoman Dartmoor Decorative Flue Collar give the impression of the flue connecting into the collar as a traditional woodburner would. As the pipe connection happens inside the stove, a traditional flue collar is not required. Should you want a more traditional look then purchase this flue collar, situate it on the top of the stove, and pass your pipe through the collar and into the stove. This item is purely decorative and serves a functional purpose: it is purely for aesthetics.

Should you be fluing out of the back of the stove, but wish to have some dummy flue pipe coming up off the top of the stove, to look like your flue is heading up into a chimney, then purchase the conventional flue collar with some vitreous enamel flue pipe to give you this look.

Yeoman Stoves is now part of the Stovax group, the largest stove company in the UK. Yeoman has gone from strength to strength since its humble origins over 25 years ago on a farm near Dartmoor, renowned for its cold winters. Since then the brand has grown to become one of the UK's leading names.

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